Tools for Restaurants

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Move Your Focus from Busywork to Business

Take the boring busywork out of your daily routine and add value to your restaurant that will build your business now and in the future.

Online Ordering

Your staff will be freed up when you give customers the ability to order online, straight from your website. New customers will love the effort you save them because they don’t have to make the dreaded phone call. Maximize sales by recommending food and drinks during checkout. This works for both take out or delivery.

Virtual Menu

Add a virtual menu to your website to draw customers in. They can browse your unique offerings with ease and and have an idea of what they’re having before they are seated. Have a beautiful paper menu? We’ll add it to your website as a 3D flip book!

Location, Hours, and Directions

Do you sound like a broken record giving your location and directions to people who call? You can eliminate that by adding them prominently to your website.

Reservations Online

Save money and time by giving your customers what they want: the ability to make check seating availability and make reservations online. You’ll gain new, loyal customers who want convenience and are tech savvy enough to do it themselves.

Build or Update Your Website

Don’t count on a social media platform to represent your business and have your best interests in mind. Take control with an affordable, modern site that you’ll be able to manage on your own in the future, even with zero technical knowledge.

Show Off Your Ratings

Show off that 5-star service by adding customer reviews to your site! Calling attention to your great reviews translate into more business and higher spending per customer.

We do business differently

We partner with only small, local businesses and entrepreneurs trying to get their project up and running. We want to help our neighbors, friends, families, and community to thrive and make our area known for its smart businesses and booming economy.

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