[Vider id=15 ]In this webinar called “Pro Link Building Hacks,” when we talk about “link building,” we are referring to a process by which we first spend time and money to create content that’s link worthy. It’s “worthy” because the content is created from many hours of research and it’s nicely designed and well written. It’s an update or an improvement on what’s already out there. Oftentimes, the research is a consumer survey or a survey of people in a particular industry. The content is an ebook, an infographic, an informational video and the like. The content is researched, designed produced and…there it is–on our website. Then, we share it on social media. And the links, they just…do not happen. Many next steps are required. Next steps include building an outreach list, conducting outreach follow up with people on the outreach list, more follow up, and checking for the inbound links because some people don’t respond to your outreach, they just link to the content. Which is great!

Before you prepare your content, it’s important that you think ahead about the SEO ramifications. You want to do your keyword research and write your headline or title so that when that content does get links and shares, it’s optimized for search. The webinar goes into more detail about why that’s so important.

These link hacks work for HubShout, an SEO reseller, that has far more resources than a small SEO agency or a small business owner. For a small business or a small SEO agency, the link hacks described in the webinar are not affordable or very efficient. Which brings us to Featured News. Featured News is HubShout’s affordable and efficient link building service. The process is a little different from the link hacks, but the result is the same.

Featured News is complicated to describe. But it’s not complicated for the SEO reseller or the end client (the small business owner) because we do all the work. And it is a lot of work. But the groundwork has already been done and our publishing partners are already in place. These are third party, independent websites, most of which are local community news sites. They use our newsroom reporters to write local news, breaking news and other features and in those stories, we can include a link to a SEO resellers’ client’s onsite content if, and only if, it’s editorially appropriate.

The content on the SEO resellers’ client’s website has to be set up in advance so it’s ready for a news story, particularly if it’s breaking news. And we have to keep track of the content on the clients’ website so we can quickly find it and link to it when the time comes. We have a database for that.

As noted above, Featured News is not easy to explain. And it’s not easy to do. But we do it and our clients love it. Watch the webinar to get a better explanation of how it works. It’s pretty impressive.