Your business may be small now, but with the right technology, tools, and resources you can grow faster than ever. Here’s a collection of 30+ awesome, free resources to help and inspire your growing business.


  1. Growth Kit (worksheet). Take your growing business to the next level with this kit full of additional resources, special offers, and a 5-step guide to a better sales pitch.
  2. (website). With information on starting out, business laws, loans and grants, the Small Business Administration website provides a plethora of resources and help for small businesses.
  3. GrowthHackers Growth Studies (website). Case studies on hot, fast-growing companies to serve as inspiration. You can also join the community to ask and share your tips and stories.
  4. Startup Collections (website). A hodge-podge of resources to power your startup, with collections for everything from building a bot to WordPress to finding freelancers to learning to code.
  5. (website). Score provides guidance and assistance to startups and existing businesses. Their library houses templates for balance sheets, business plans and more.
  6. Top Technology Trends to Grow Your Business (interactive). The SMB Group shares the top three trends for small businesses to drive growth.
  7. Breaking Down Your Business (podcast). We like this podcast because it’s short and to the point, with each episode centered around “5 Things” you’ll learn (topics include, how to hired, the latest new business rules and how to build momentum), useful tools, and other small business advice.

Team/Culture/Leadership building

  1. Hyper Island Toolbox (website). A curated collection of methods and tools for innovation, team building, leadership, and more.
  2. Trailhead (e-learning). Did you know Trailhead is not just for learning about Salesforce solutions? Check out the trails on how to cultivate equality at workbeing a great manager, and even MBA essentials from the Drucker School of Management.
  3. 18 Tips on Maintaining a Dynamic Office Culture (interactive). Advice from small business founders, CEOs, and researchers on what small to medium businesses can do to keep up the energy at work as they grow.


  1. Expand Your Pipeline: 6 Small Business Tips for Growing Your Prospect Base (ebook). This resources shares the strategies, tools to define, segment and track new prospects.
  2. 100 Sales Tips for 2017 (ebook). Get ready to sell like a machine with these tips and insights from various sales leaders.
  3. Four Ways to Transform and Accelerate Your Sales Cycle (ebook). This Forbes Insights ebook shares four ways growing companies can accelerate sales in a highly competitive environment: the right team, a marketing mindset, automation and connected data.
  4. Sales Hacker U (e-learning). Enroll to get access to free courses to build up you and your team’s sales muscles. Some of the course topics include, “How to Triple Your Sales Qualified Meetings” and “Cold Email: How to Generate Over $1 Billion Using Cold Email.”
  5. Quotable (website). A collection of insights from sales leaders from big and small. Also be sure to check out their podcasts and subscribe to the biweekly newsletter for the latest content.


  1. How To Grow Small Business With Marketing (ebook). A great overview of how to get started across email marketing, social media, lead management, SEO and SEM.
  2. B2B Marketer’s Lead Generation Field Guide (ebook). Learn how to find more leads and send better qualified leads to your sales team.
  3. Complete Guide to Social Media for B2B Marketers (ebook). Learn about what content resonates best with which social media channel and how to measure your efforts.
  4. How to Create a Killer Content Marketing Strategy (slideshare). Content is king, as they say! Go in-depth on how to build your content marketing strategy with tips and insights from content marketing experts. Plus, check out the free ebook!
  5. Marketing Cloudcast (podcast). Easy, commute-listening to learn about the key trends, technologies, and topics in marketing today. We talk real-world challenges and solutions to help your company — and career.


  1. 5 tips for choosing the right customer service technology (webinar). Learn from service experts on how to choose and set up the right service technology for your growing business.
  2. 4 Steps to Incredible Customer Service (interactive). Get the insights and actionable steps to build an incredible customer service program.
  3. The 6 Questions You Need to Ask When Scaling Your Customer Service (ebook). Ready to scale up your service? Make sure to cover these questions when planning your service roadmap.
  4. 20 Best Practices for Customer Service (interactive). Make sure you’re providing top-notch customer service with these best practices.
  5. 4 Ways to Improve Customer Service with a Conversational Approach (blog). Research shows that consumers and buyers will switch brands if they don’t see the effort of companies to personalize their communications to them—get the tips on how to service with conversation.


  1. 30 Apps for Small Businesses (ebook). A great collection of the best apps for small and growing businesses to connect all their business workflows together.
  2. SMB Apps on AppExchange (App store). A ready-to-go collection of apps for small businesses to connect all business workflows and processes.
  3. 15 Success Stories of Business Growth with Apps (ebook). Hear from 15 small business leaders who innovate by using apps to grow their businesses across the fields of transportation, healthcare, technology, and more.
  4. Quip (app). Collaborate with your team seamlessly. Create, share, and discuss your docs and spreadsheets with your team in real-time, without email and from anywhere.


  1. Founder’s Workbench (website). Check out this web resource that offers free legal documents to help you get your business started.
  2. FindLaw (website). FindLaw has a section dedicated to providing legal help for small businesses to reference on a variety of legal topics.


  1. How to Build a Pitch Deck (slideshare). Get started on your pitch deck with this wonderful slideshare guide.
  2. Perfecting Your Pitch Deck (article). After you’ve completed your deck, read this article to make sure you’ve optimized and perfected your deck.
  3. Top 5 Mistakes Small Businesses Make When Applying for a Loan (blog). Take care to avoid these errors when going for a loan.
  4. List of 108 Small Business Grants (blog). Fundera has provided an awesome list of grants available to small business.
  5. Wave (app). If you’ve already set up shop, check out the Wave app (not to be confused with Salesforce Wave Analytics, which provides a suite of awesome analytics apps for sales, service, and marketing.) The Wave app provides free and easy accounting, invoicing and more.

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